The topics of the course may vary each year and will cover large areas of industrial organic and inorganic chemistry. Particular attention will be given to the following aspects: integration of production processes in the global industrial network, description of unitary operations, problems linked to the scaling up from the laboratory to pilot scale and to industrial production, economic aspects of the realisation of a process.

The industrial chemistry course aims to give a foundation to future chemists in industrial chemistry practices, processes and problems in various domains. It will be supervised by a coordinator and will ideally benefit from the experience of teachers coming from industry. It particularly aims to consider chemistry in an economic context, analysing the connection between the development of chemical processes and the needs of our society, as well as their impact on the environment and management of natural resources. This course will be accessible to all chemistry master students, whatever their specialisation.

Teaching will include lectures, seminars on specific topics, and whenever possible, visit to industrial installations.

The course is delivered by 2 invited lecturers coming from the chemical industry.

Course files are in English, lessons are in English or French if the audience allow it.