Strategic Value, organizational context and setup, operational processes of Sourcing & Procurement and enablers of a high-impact organization


The course objectives are:

- To make you familiar with strategic and operational best practice
   processes in sourcing & procurement

- To become proficient in the operational procurement process and
   understand which levers enable a high performance

- To provide you with an understanding of the scope of S&P

- To learn advanced negotiation skills

- To learn how to set up a high impact S&P organization and enable high
   employee performance

- To experience the best practice examples of how to enable a strategic
   S&P unit as well as to learn the basic requirements (e.g. law)

In general, you should be able after the course to have the right mindset for delivering value add with procurement, know how to set-up efficient and effective operation procurement processes and how to enable the S&P function to provide strategic value.


Each procurement organization has to be positioned at the right place in the organization in order to provide value add. Oftentimes mindset, organizational structure, responsibilities, processes and enablers are not too well aligned. Understanding the scope of procurement, developing the right mindset and being able to match structure, process, people and tools is pivotal in this regard. By following procurement processes in practice and an elaborated semester project we will learn how to develop a high impact S&P organization. These skills are particularly necessary in order to qualify as executive shaping organizations and supervising teams.

Teaching Methods   

The course will be based on real life procurement processes as framework to enable the strategic understanding. Mini cases, company visits, a negotiation clinic and an own research project as semester report will challenge you.


The performance assessment will be based on individual and group performance:

-        Group Performance (group research project) (70%):

-        Individual Performance (final exam) (30%):

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