Welcome ! 

Through this course we aim to help you to develop the necessary skills for writing a scientific paper in English. We will have 10 weekly sessions together starting on Friday, 8th of February at 13.00-16.00h.

Each session will have an assignment and in order to pass this course you are expected to fulfill at least 80% of these assignments.

Before you come to our first session, please take the two tests about 'grammar & vocabulary' and 'listening' level of your English available at http://examenglish.com/leveltest/ . At the end of both tests, please choose to have results sent to your email and bring these results with you at the first session.

Also be prepared to share with us during the first session, your expectations about the course, as well as the research project you are working on and planning to write a paper in English.

Prof. Jean-Marie Degryse

Dr. Séverine Henrard

Dr. Eralda Hegendörfer