MEMOS Objectives

The MEMOS (Executive Masters in Sport Organisations Management) mission is to help professionals working in national or international sports bodies
to develop the knowledge required in order to better manage their organisations.



The MEMOS is an executive master which is offered in three editions according to the teaching language:
English, French or Spanish. Generic information on each of the three editions is provided below in the respective language. For specific information on the
current editions, please refer to the leaflets inserted in the middle of this brochure.

Sport is a complex socio-cultural phenomenon. For over a century, the Olympic Movement has been trying to guide it with a view to reaching balanced development for individuals and for society. In order to continue accomplishing its mission in an environment where
political and economic issues are becoming increasingly important, our Movement needs managers with specific areas of competence. MEMOS has set itself an objective of providing them with competences that are decisive for the good management of the various Olympic organisations.

The International Olympic Committee, Olympic Solidarity and the European Olympic Committees have supported this initiative since its origin. Thanks to this partnership between the Olympic Movement and academic institutions, the first cycles of this university level education programme have been a success. MEMOS has now become a truly international programme, whose aim is to equip those who manage and organise sport worldwide, including volunteers. The programme is now available in English, French and Spanish.
We are looking forward to receiving your application and wish all the participants of the MEMOS programme every success!

The MEMOS Steering Committee